SiteGen by QH software, training & advies is a computer program which allows you to easily and efficiently mainain your website.

Adding, changing and deleting information is quick and easy. This means you are not dependent on others for your website maintenance.

simple: efficient:
  • You don't need technical expertise
Why a siteGen website?
  • Everything under control

If you know how to copy a file to a folder, you can create and maintain your own website with siteGen.
It is as simple as that.

From the instant that SiteGen has been installed on your computer, you have total control. You can change the contents of your website at any moment.
Because you do not need any technical expertise to work with SiteGen, you don't require anyone's help to maintain your own website.

  • Customised to your specifications
  • Easy maintenance

You design your website together with QH.
SiteGen is then customised to this design.

You create or edit your website on your own PC.
Only when you are satisfied, you can use SiteGen to publish your web site on the Internet

  • Instantly ready to use
  • Add or remove information quickly

SiteGen is installed on your computer by QH.
From that moment you can create your own website and publish it on the Internet

After you have edited your website, siteGen publishes the changes on the Internet.
Information that has not been changed, is not uploaded to the Internet.
This synchronisation feature makes uploading your changes to the Internet very fast.

  • Easy to find for search engines
  • Optimised for all web browsers

Of course you want people to be able to find your website easily using the search engines on the Internet.
SiteGen makes websites, that are simple to access by search engines, like Google.
This is one of the techniques siteGen uses to get good results with search engines.

SiteGen makes sure about the website can be viewed perfectly with all web browsers (like the Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla (Firefox)).
So you are sure every visitor gets your website correct on his/her screen.

  • Training and instruction
  • Fast loading website

SiteGen will be installed on your PC by QH. This guarantees proper operation of the program.
QH will also take the time to familiarise you with the program. You can set to work as soon as QH has left.

A visitor will never have to wait for long for your website to appear on his screen.
Storage of all elements, texts as well as images, is optimised for the Internet.
In this way your website remains 'clean and lean', so it loads instantly.

  • Excellent support

QH has access to the specific information about your website.
This means we can answer any questions you may have about your website and respond efficiently to technical problems.