How to use siteGen
Choosing a website structure
Local website
Publish on the internet
Changing the website

Changing your website

SiteGen allows you to create and maintain your website with a minimum of effort.

Changing the contents of your website is as easy as creating it. The website's structure is identical to the SiteGen folder structure on your PC's hard disk. This makes it very easy to find the texts or images that need to be changed.

To maintain your website you only have to edit the text file on your hard disk and have SiteGen generate your website again. The old text will then automatically be replaced by the new text.

The process of adding new material to your pages is identical:

  • You place a text or image in the correct folder.
  • You run SiteGen.
  • You inspect the "local" website
  • The new information is published on your website (upload)

Deleting text or images from your website is even easier.