Features of siteGen
Organize your website
Resizing images
Buttons and menubar
Using excel
Multilingual websites

Images always sized correctly

Optimal display

SiteGen makes sure that your images are displayed to optimum effect, even if they need to be downsized. SiteGen will automatically downsize the images to the correct size. This works for thumbnails as well as larger images.

Clickable images

It is very easy to make clickable images in SiteGen. You can use this function to show what products you have to offer. The image will show the product. Details of the product, such as prices or ordering information, can be accessed by clicking the image.

Fast loading

Images can slow down a website's performance. This means that it takes longer for the website to appear on screen. Especially for people with a slow Internet connection this can be bothersome.

SiteGen will make sure that every image is stored in the smallest size possible without losing quality. This optimises the loading time for your website.