Features of siteGen
Organize your website
Resizing images
Buttons and menubar
Using excel
Multilingual websites

Organize your website

SiteGen offers a flexible menu structure. This usually consists of a main menu and a number of submenus.

Main menu The main menu can (usually) be found at the top side of the page. Each button from the main menu will take your visitor to an introductory page on the subject.

Submenus You can easily add pages if you prefer to have more than one page on a particular subject.

On text oriented websites, like this one, submenus are often displayed at the left side of the introductory page.

On websites with many images, the images themselves are used as buttons in the menu.

Combinations are also possible: Images draw the eye to menu items.


Page layouts can be diverse, e.g.:

  • Text
  • Text and images
  • Photographs with caption/accompanying text
  • Tables